Syrian Refugee Talk by Ellen Billard

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We were fortunate enough to host a talk with Ellen Billard last month on February 16th. Ellen started and runs the nonprofit Road to Mafraq, which helps refugees from Syria and other Middle Eastern countries. Over 150 people attended the event, making it a huge success. Ellen offered incredible insight on her personal connection to the Syrian Refugee Crisis. To learn more about her organization’s journey and how you can help, follow the link below.


The following are some important messages members in GlobeMed learned from Ellen’s talk:


“Be thankful for every opportunity to learn, because not everyone has access to such an amazing opportunity.” –Kate


“She really touched me how the kids experiencing the war all still had big dreams. Families were sill striving for their children’s future after having lost almost everything.” – Anonymous


“The most meaningful part of Ellen’s talk for me was to be able to put faces to all her stories. Though this seems like such a little thing that many global health orgs/non-profits look over, it is truly critical in creating a personal connection between donors and recipients. It made the story real for me and I think that that is very impactful.” –Seah


“Storytelling is a powerful force that can inspire change and evoke feeling”- Anonymous


“It really impacted me to hear about people who face the reality of what we just see on the news/think of as a common thing to hear about.”- Anonymous


“We are not grouped by our geographical boundaries, but by our shared experience as human beings.”- Anonymous


“ I was so moved by the stories Ellen told of the refugee children and their dreams. She reminded us that we are all bound by our humanity, and that there are people just like us behind the stories we see in the media.” – Mackenzie


“The story of the woman who had to give up her dream of being a doctor because she had to flee to safety was very powerful. It was very eye opening how at both times the speaker and woman were in college and what one woman’s country did change the entire life for the person in the other country, but no effect on the speaker.” –Anonymous


“My key takeaway was Ellen’s idea of searching for a cause that breaks your heart and motivates you to keep moving forward. I think that is how passions are truly found and how change is really created!”- Brittney


“It was cool to see a wide range of people at the event and interested in Syrian refugee issues. I enjoyed hearing about things people have done in their own life to help refugees and foster religious understanding.” –Quinn


“It’s easy to turn off the news and forget about the tragedies happening around the world but it’s hard to forget the faces that belong to tragedy and scars and while it may seem so far away, there’s always something that we can do.” –Rachel


“I thought the stories were very powerful. Ellen talked about how easy it is to forget about how events such as wars and their aftermath can impact people and the different ways in which they are impacted, so it was inspirational to hear from many of the people she had talked to and put many faces to the Syrian refugee crisis/Iraq war, etc.” -Michelle


“It was so heartbreaking to hear what these individuals have lived through, but uplifting to hear how they are still filled with hope and joy and are continuing to move forward with their lives. I think we can learn from their example and be better about sharing our love, peace, and dreams.” -Lora


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