Meet Our Partner


Children of Peace, Uganda has been our partner since November, 2015. They are a nonprofit organization that focuses on the well-being and empowerment of former child soldiers, children born in captivity, and children orphaned by the two decades of armed conflict in northern Uganda (1986-2006).

Aiming for long-term peace, this organization addresses unique physical, psychological, social, and economic challenges of the children. In order to maximize their efforts, Children of Peace has partnered with many experts locally and globally, including our chapter GlobeMed at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

“Every day, we deepen our own understanding of peace by seeing what is full and bountiful in the spirits of these extraordinary youth, rather than what is lost or broken.” -Children of Peace Uganda

This organization is truly inspirational. Its mission to Raise Peace Ambassadors by encouraging former children of war to become children of peace is made a success by their passion and commitment to truth, compassion, and forgiveness.

What makes GlobeMed at UW-Madison’s partnership different? 

GlobeMed at UW Madison uses a grassroots, collaborative approach to inspire change within villages in Uganda. We provide more than just aid. We focus our work on building comprehensive, sustainable relationships with our partner Children of Peace Uganda, with our beneficiaries, our students here in Madison, the Madison community, and with the surrounding villages in Lira Uganda. We believe in the empowerment of local community members to use the skills they have learned from our support, to become leaders and change makers for their communities.


For more information, please visit Children of Peace, Uganda’s website at

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