5 Ways GlobeMed Partnerships Stand Out from the Rest


GlobeMed was started by a group of highly passionate students seeking health equity and social justice. GlobeMed partners with organizations equally passionate about improving the health of their communities and changing the world for the better. This movement stands out in five meaningful ways:

  1. On-going Communication: Students are always connected to their partner and their project. By utilizing Skype, email, and phone conversations, everyone is updated at least every two weeks. This connection inspires constant learning, action, and evaluation.
  2. Long-term Impact: GlobeMed partnerships last many years to strengthen connections, increase mutual benefits, and expand possibilities for impact.
  3. Clear Commitment and Expectations:  Each summer chapter leaders and partners prepare and sign a Partnership Action Framework (PAF) formalizing a mutual commitment for the upcoming school year. Included in a PAF is a communication schedule, project description, and evaluation plan.
  4. Tangible Impact: GlobeMed chapters provide funds, academic research, media, and other resources to bring a project to life. For the partner organization, these resources from the students can mean improved life for people living in poverty or with other forms of poor health.
  5. Filling Critical Gaps: Because we listen first, GlobeMed students can fill funding and organizational gaps that traditional donors may miss. We don’t go in with our own agenda, but with open ears and minds. Our goal is to strengthen our partner to deliver better health.logo