Why should you join GlobeMed?

To me GlobeMed is a unique organization in that it has a tight-knit community feel with members who are very passionate about making the world a better place. These qualities together make our group an electric space of sharing creative ideas, growing personally and professionally, and making long-term friendships and partnerships. It also exposes you to new ideas and topics. I had no idea what Global Health was about before joining GlobeMed and since then have learned about and explored the spheres of social justice, health equity, grassroots partnerships, and nonprofits in general. By joining you get the inside scoop on nonprofit work, accquiring business, communication, and leadership skills. One of the greatest features of our organization is the measurable impact that our efforts have on our members and our partner organization. The close relationship to our partner allows us to see how our advocacy and fundraising is helping empower people to change their lives across the world. Overall GlobeMed has allowed me to explore issues and topics that I hadn’t heard of before and it’s given me a unique perspective on my privilege and my role as a modern-day global citizen.  

Seah Buttar (Internal President 2017-2018)

How it works:

Fall Semester 2017-18: our general meetings are every Tuesday from 7-8pm in Education building (on Bascom hill) room L150  

Active Member Status:

  • At least 20 points per semester
    • Eligible for a spot on the GROW internship trip and Eboard positions.

Inactive Member Status:

  • Less than 20 points per semester
    • Can attend meetings/events, but cannot apply to GROW or Eboard positions.


  • Outside Global Health event
    • WUD global connections, dept sponsored events, PIH fundraisers
  • Meetings: 13 this semester
  • Socials


  • Advocacy/Org events:
  • Org fairs, speakers, info sessions, staff retreats, etc.
  • Fundraisers/Campaigns
  • Cup nights, bake sales, large events


  • Individual Giving (over $100)
  • Global Headquarters Events

**Everyone starts with one point. 

Interested in joining GlobeMed at UW-Madison’s team? Contact us at!