Grow Team

GROW (Grassroots On-site Work) is a partnership between students and their grassroots partner; our UW-Madison Chapter partner is Children of Peace, located in Uganda.

Every year, 3-5 students will travel to Uganda during the summer in order to strengthen our partnership with Children of Peace and expand existing programs. Our goal as GROW interns is to engage in mutual learning and grow as a team with our partner, in order to increase our capacity for change.

Furthermore, GROW interns carry through with our chapter’s accountability to the projects by evaluating project progress, interviewing recipients of our projects, and planning for the year ahead.

After the internship, these students bring back their knowledge to their chapter and community.

Currently, we have three graduating seniors traveling to Uganda this summer from May to early July to cement our new partnership with Children of Peace.

Current Team:

Emma Doenier (GROW coordinator 2015-2016) is a pre-med student studying neurobiology and psychology. She is graduating in May 2016. Next year she will be traveling to Norway under the Fulbright scholarship to study the glutamate-glutamine cycle in mice.

Brittney Ehlers (Internal Co-president 2015-2016) is a graduated senior (December 2015). She studied community & environmental sociology (major), gender and women’s studies (minor), and global health (minor) in undergrad and she hopes to travel to India to complete a maternal and child health internship starting in August.

Quinn Mallery (Finance coordinator 2015-2016) is a pre-med student studying economics. He is graduating in May 2016. Next year he hopes to attend the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities’ medical school.