Below you can find a description for each of our committees, and learn more about the roles of our co-presidents.  If you would like to join a specific committee , simply email and let us know!


Together, the internal and external co-presidents help our chapter to achieve its goals by overseeing all operations, communicating with Global Headquarters, and encouraging staff engagement and participation. The co-presidents help to inspire a shared vision between the executive board and general staff, and foster collaboration to ensure the success of the chapter and partnership.

Internal Co-President: Oversees weekly staff meetings, maintains active communication with staff members, ensures transparency between the Eboard and staff, and builds a working relationship with the faculty advisor and larger campus community.

External Co-President: Communicates regularly with the partner organization to identify project options and provides staff with partnership updates, ensures completion of Partnership Action Framework goals, helps prepare GROW interns for the on-site visit, and leads weekly executive board meetings.

GhU Committee: GhU stands for global health university. At GhU, we believe that empowerment comes through education. Our committee works with the rest of staff and the local Madison community to educate each other on the most relevant and controversial global health issues in engaging ways. In addition to weekly education sessions at meetings, we also hold speaker events on campus to get a dialogue going about issues that inspire us to make positive change locally and globally. If you also believe in the power of education to inspire others and want to be more informed on the world in which you live, GhU is the place for you! 

Communications Committee – We are the Public Relations of GlobeMed and the team officially responsible for getting our image and information out to our campus and greater community. Part of this effort includes running several media platforms including our Facebook & Twitter accounts, and our website’s blog. There we can creatively advertise our upcoming events, promote advocacy for our partner organization, and comment on current global health issues. Another main aspect of our committee is creating fliers and banners for informational uses or upcoming events. Anyone who knows graphics or Photo shop is a great addition to our team, but no prior experience is necessary to join! Skills we improve on are creative designing & writing, contacting entities outside of our organization by e-mail or phone calls, and strengthening our social media responsiveness.

GROW Committee:

Campaigns Committee:

Campaigns is the committee in charge of coming up with unique event ideas and organizing the logistics of the event. A campaign’s event mobilizes both internal and external resources to fundraise for grassroots projects in our partner’s community. It is critical to collaborate with other committees to ensure that our fundraising events have an educational component that raises awareness about global health inequalities. Some example of past campaign’s events include Night of the Arts, 5K’s, an Ugly Holiday Sweater Sale and Date Auctions. Throughout the year, we also host various smaller foods and beverage sales, cup nights and GlobeMed Glass sales. A successful campaigns team consists of creative, enthusiastic and confident individuals looking to improve their skills of networking, advertising and event planning. 

Finance Committee: 

Community Building Committee: